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Thanksgiving Tourney



One more session...
(If you missed sign-ups, please call
the arena at 219-365-7337 for options
and additional information)

Under 6
- Practice times Wed and Thurs 5-5:45PM
Games on Friday at 6:40PM
First Practice is April 2nd

Under 8 & Under 10 Combined -
Practice times  Wed 5:45PM-6:30PM
and Thurs 5:45PM-7:00
1st part of Thursday will be practice,
2nd half will be a game.
First Practice is April 2nd

Family League:  Switch to Thursday's
beginning April 10th

Over 30/39:  Tuesday's beginning April 8th

Ladies League:  Friday's
beginning April 11th



OPEN GYM (Soccer)

7:00-10:00 PM


Tennis Anyone?
Tennis court times
and lessons are available!!

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